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Utah & Texas Real Estate Agents

We partner with real estate agents by providing them with additional tools, resources, and capabilities for an even better customer experience.


Seven Tools To Help You Stand Out As An Agent

We’ve assembled seven unique tools to help you reach new audiences, bring even more value to your clients, and generate more referrals.

Why are we willing to provide you access to all of these tools?

Because we are only successful if you are successful. We can’t grow and thrive unless you are doing the same.

Partner with GreenStreet to make your business, your life, and your success easier. Download our guide to see how.

Fast Close Time

Offers accepted faster, fewer deals falling through, better client experience.

Co-Branded Marketing Opportunities

Get in front of a larger audience with less effort.


A wealth digest about a borrower’s biggest asset, their home.

Plus 4 More Tools!

Download our guide to discover how to gain an unfair advantage!

Have Lunch On Us.

Join us to discuss more how these 7 tools can impact your business.

We can show you what other successful agents are doing and how to replicate their success.

You’ll walk away with greater clarity, new ideas, and a free lunch.

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Client Experiences

Ric and his team at GreenStreet are so great to work with! We’ve refinanced with them 3 separate times through the years and each time they take the time to make sure we understand everything. They are responsive and easy to work with. I’d definitely recommend them!

Anne Van Hoose

We got our refinance done within 10 days and we were off to saving money! We had a great and easy experience with GreenStreet!

Parker Pratt

GreenStreet was very attentive to my needs and they helped me close on my house so quickly! I was able to get into my home and not worry about any delays or waiting around during the home buying process.

Madison Day