Home Sellers Throwing Money at Buyers

The housing market has just been thrown another curve ball.

Just like this…

We’ve gone from a red-hot seller’s market where homes were flying off the shelves and fetching premium prices…to a buyer’s market where the tables have flipped and buyers are now in the driver’s seat.

In fact, in a recent study by Redfin, we see that 42% of sellers offered at least one concession to buyers. In other words, sellers are having to bring a lot more to the table in order to attract a buyer.

It’s a whole new ballgame now.

What does this mean?

It means that buyers can finally…

  • breathe a sigh of relief
  • take their time finding their perfect abode without feeling the heat of a fierce competition
  • no longer have to ‘wait out the storm’ and put off buying their new home

If you have been wanting to find a new home, then now is a good time to start house hunting. You’ve now got leverage on your side.

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